Lucky Craft Flash Pointer 100 Shallow Diving Jerkbait

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Length Weight Style
4" (100 mm) 3/8 oz (11 g) Jerk Bait

The Lucky Craft Flash Pointer 100 is the new slow floater and shallower member of the Pointer Series. The latest model of Lucky Craft’s tournament winning jerkbait series, the Flash Pointer 100 is a slow-sinking model designed to more effectively fish the critical 4-5 foot depth zone. Combining the benefits of the Pointer and Flash Minnow, this bait has great side-to-side action and slowly floats allowing it to be used in various shallow water situations.

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Proposition 65
 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Aurora BlackFPT100-052ABK0842406130529
Aurora GoldFPT100-256AGO0842406132561
Aurora Gold Northern PerchFPT100-884AGNPC842406138846
Aurora Green PerchFPT100-280AGPC0842406132806
Baby BluegillFPT100-149BBBG842406131496
BE GillFPT100-269BEGL842406132691
Bone Pro BlueFPT100-371BPB0842406133711
Chartreuse ShadFPT100-250CRSD0842406132509
Crack BlackFPT100-154CKBK0842406131540
Crack BlueFPT100-155CKBL0842406131557
Crystal Pro BlueFPT100-369CYPB0842406133698
Flake Flake AyuFPT100-231FFAY0842406132318
Flake Flake Golden MistyFPT100-232FFGMY0842406132325
Flake Flake Happy GillFPT100-229FFHG0842406132295
Flake Flake HerringFPT100-230FFHR0842406132301
Flake Flake Male GillFPT100-228FFMG0842406132288
Ghost AyuFPT100-830GOAY842406138303
Ghost Baby BluegillFPT100-148GBBG842406131489
Ghost MinnowFPT100-238GMN0842406132387
Ghost Natural ShadFPT100-368GNSD0842406133681
Ghost Pearl AyuFPT100-125GPAY842406131250
Ghost Pro BlueFPT100-059GPB842406130598
Green SexyFPT100-159GNSX0842406131595
Half Metallic AyuFPT100-372MHMAY0842406133728
Happy GillFPT100-373HPGL842406133735
JP Bitterling - TanagoFPT100-838JPBTLG0842406138389
Light HitchFPT100-185LHT0842406131854
Misty ShadFPT100-284MYSD0842406132844
Metallic Misty ShinerFPT100-366MMYSN0842406133667
MS American ShadFPT100-270MSAS0842406132707
MS CrackFPT100-150MSCRK0842406131502
MS Gun Metal ShadFPT100-151MSGMSD0842406131519
MS MJ HerringFPT100-254MSMJHRG0842406132547
NC Shell WhiteFPT100-285NCSH0842406132851
Northern Yellow PerchFPT100-807NYPC842406138075
Pearl AyuFPT100-268PAY0842406132684
Pearl Threadfin ShadFPT100-183PTHFSD0842406131830
Sexy Chartreuse ShadFPT100-172SXCRSD0842406131724
Striped ShadFPT100-241SSD0842406132417
TO GillFPT100-136TOGL842406131366
TO ShadFPT100-135TOSD842406131359