Lucky Craft Gunfish 95

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4" (9.5 cm) 3/8 oz (12 g) Topwater
The Lucky Craft Gunfish is the latest of an extensive series of next generation topwater baits. It features a slim tapered body design and uniquely shaped-cupped mouth. The configuration of the mouth makes the bait splash and pop like no other. The Lucky Craft Gunfish glides across the waters surface with a tight "walk the dog" action similar to the Sammy series. The distinct difference with the Lucky Craft Gunfish is the incredible fluid motion of the bait on retrieve. This topwater will allow you to catch bass even under highly pressured situations. The resin/tungsten composite weighting system of the Gunfish95 will allow you to cast it a mile, and approach these fish from vantage points inaccessible with conventional topwater baits. This will effectively catch those finicky bass without alerting them to your location.
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CA Proposition 65 WARNING
Proposition 65
 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Archer BeeGF95-288ARCB0802897102887
Aurora BassGF95-075ABS0802897100753
Aurora BlackGF95-052ABK0802897100524
Aurora BrownGF95-277ABR0802897102771
Aurora Ghost WakasagiGF95-291AGWK0802897102917
Aurora GoldGF95-256AGO0802897102566
Aurora Green PerchGF95-280AGPC0802897102801
Aurora Pro BlueGF95-257APB0802897102573
Baby BluegillGF95-149BBBG0802897101491
BE GillGF95-269BEGL0802897102696
Bloody Aurora BlackGF95-100BABK0802897101002
Chartreuse ShadGF95-250CRSD0802897102504
Citrus ShadGF95-253CTSD0802897102535
Crack BlackGF95-154CKBK0802897101545
Crack BlueGF95-155CKBL0802897101552
Flake Flake AyuGF95-231FFAY0802897102313
Flake Flake Golden MistyGF95-232FFGMY0802897102320
Flake Flake Happy GillGF95-229FFHG0802897102290
Flake Flake Male GillGF95-228FFMG0802897102283
Flake Flake WakasagiGF95-230FFHR0802897102306
Ghost Baby BluegillGF95-148GBBG0802897101484
Ghost Blue ShadGF95-237GBSD0802897102375
Ghost BrownGF95-279GOBR0802897102795
Ghost Lake MeadGF95-290GLM0802897102900
Ghost Lime ChartreuseGF95-123GLC0802897101231
Ghost MinnowGF95-238GMN0802897102382
Ghost NishikiGF95-260GNSK0802897102603
Ghost Pearl LemonGF95-258GPL0802897102580
Ghost Tennessee ShadGF95-222GTSD0802897102221
Ghost Threadfin ShadGF95-186GPTFSD0802897101866
Impact YellowGF95-220IMYL0802897102207
Lake Mead MagicGF95-293LMMG0802897102931
Lake Murray ClearGF95-292LMCL0802897102924
Laser Clear GhostGF95-262LCGO0802897102627
Laser Rainbow TroutGF95-276LRBT0802897102764
Lavender ShadGF95-294LVSD0802897102948
Light HitchGF95-185LHT0802897101859
Matte ChartreuseGF95-098NCCR0802897100982
Mat TigerGF95-245NCTG0802897102450
MS American ShadGF95-270MSAS0802897102702
MS BlackGF95-247MSBK0802897102474
MS Gunmetal ShadGF95-151MSGMSD0802897101514
MS MJ HerringGF95-254MSMJHRG0802897102542
MS Pearl WakasagiGF95-233MSPWK0802897102337
NC Shell WhiteGF95-285NCSH0802897102856
Orange Sexy Ghost MinnowGF95-226OSXGMN0802897102269
Pearl AyuGF95-268PAY0802897102689
Pearl Threadfin ShadGF95-183PTHFSD0802897101835
Rainbow TroutGF95-056RBT0802897100562
Red MuskyGF95-815RMSK0802897108155
Spotted Shad - KonoshiroGF95-804SPSD0802897108049
Striped ShadGF95-241SSD0802897102412
Tiger PerchGF95-806TGPC0802897108063