Spro Rk Star 55 Steelhead Salmon Crankbait

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$ 11.04
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 Length Weight Depth
3 1/2" (55 mm) 1/2 oz 9-14'

The SPRO RK Star 55 was designed Mike McClelland and SPRO. Similar to its cousin the Rk Crawler, the Rk-star was designed to produce a wide wobbling and hunting action. With a painted bill the SPRO Rk Star brings new colors to trigger violent strikes. The Rk Star 55, is a beefed-up version of the company’s RK Crawler 55. The wide wobbling hunting action of the RK Stars deflection ability that bounces off of cover like no other lure to trigger aggressive strikes. It's perfect for walleys, steelhead and salmon.

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