Gary Yamamoto Kreature 4"

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4" (10 cm) 7 Pack
The Yamamoto Kreature is 4 inches long, slightly heavier than a 5 inch Senko and can be cast weightless for a very slow descent. Just raise your rod tip and buzz it back across the surface. When Texas or Carolina rigging for that bottom hugging fish the performance is outstanding. During the fall the forward arms swim and after it comes to rest on the bottom the slightest movement will activate the rear paddles. The tail floats and comes alive teasing any fish that has come to investigate this Kreature into striking.
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Proposition 65
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# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Black Blue Chartreuse Skirt5-07-5220783670114320
Black Blue Flake5-07-0210783670103218
Black Blue Skirt5-07-5230783670114337
Black Red Flake5-07-0510783670103225
Blue Pearl Silver Flake5-07-0310783670114290
Cinnamon Black & Purple Flake5-07-2210783670103232
Green Pumpkin Black5-07-2970783670103263
Green Pumpkin Green & Purple Flake5-07-3010783670103294
Green Pumpkin Purple Copper Flake5-07-3300783670103324
Pumpkin Black Green Flake5-07-1960783670103270
Watermelon Black Flake5-07-194J0783670103256
Watermelon Black Gold Flake5-07-3230783670103317
Watermelon Black Red5-07-2080783670103287
Watermelon Red & Green Flake5-07-222783670103249