Lucky Craft Moonsault CB-350 Deep Diving Crankbait

$ 11.99
$ 10.19
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  • Lucky Craft Moonsault CB-350 is a deep diving crankbait with a unique rattle sound.
  • Rounded shape, superior buoyancy and pentagonal lip.
  • Tight side-to-side wiggling action that drives fish wild.
  • The combination of its rattling sounds and diving action entices bass from great distances and makes it one of the most unusual baits in a tackle box.
  • Perfect around brush piles, weeds and rocky structure and it is available in various colors.

Lucky Craft Moonsault CB-350 features an ability to avoid obstacles along with its ability to cover a wide range. This lure will crank down up to 9 feet and the high-pitched rattle sound of this bait draws bass out from deep-weeded areas and the light action skillfully avoids structural obstacles. It is available in variety of colors.

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