Lucky Craft Moonsault CB-50 Waking Crankbait

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$ 10.19
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  • Lucky Craft Moonsault CB-50 features the shape and action of a traditional crank bait and the rattle system of a lip-less crankbait, making it a truly unique lure.
  • This crankbait also features a tight side-to-side wiggling action that drives fish wild.
  • With its rounded shape, superior buoyancy and pentagonal lip, this bait makes a very attractive wake as it runs through the surface.
  • High object-avoidance capability making it easier to cast the lure into weed-thick waters without fear of getting caught in the process.
  • Integrated "five-rattle" chamber that creates a superbly balanced swimming action and a sound with the utmost appeal for active sport fish.

Lucky Craft Moonsault CB-50 is designed for use in surface-running conditions in extremely shallow water, and it dives to depths of approximately 1.5 feet. It features the shape and action of a regular crankbait along with the rattle system lipless crankbaits are known for. Its tight, side-to-side wiggling action draws hungry fish from the depths, enticing them to strike. Available in 20 colors.

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