Rapala X-Rap Pop 07 Topwater Popper

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Big poppin'. Big splashin'. Big bassin'. The Rapala X-Rap Pop 07 Topwater Popper brings X-Rap attitude to the topwater. Starting in a tail down position, its arched body shape sets the lure up for a large kerplunk-pop and splash with every snap; even the slightest tug and the X-Rap Pop comes to life. Add in the X-Rap textured translucent body, internal holographic foil, and 3D holographic eyes and you've got a topwater bait fish simply can't resist. Additionally, an internal long cast mechanism allows you to fish vast amounts of water without changing spots and an internal rattle adds to the noise and commotion. Its pre-equipped VMC black nickel hooks with flash feather teaser tail seal the deal with reluctant fish that are taunted to strike during slight pauses between snaps. With quick tip down snaps, you can even get the X-Rap Pop to walk-the-dog! Available in 6 colors.


  • The Rapala X-Rap Pop 07 Topwater Popper brings that classic X-Rap action to the topwater.
  • This 2 3/4-inch bait has internal textured body, 3D holographic eyes, and flash feather teaser tail.
  • It has a deep cupped lip that allows a loud pop and splash on topwater.
  • Equipped with two #5 Premium VMC Black Nickel Hooks.
  • Available in 6 lifelike finishes.