Price Matching & Discounts

Price Matching Information

If you find a lower price on any product we stock, we would like the opportunity to match it.

Our success is completely due to you, our customers, and we know that there are times when price is the most important criteria. Our goal is to ensure price is never an obstacle to winning your business.

We review our competitors regularly and price competitively  - but the internet is big - and competition fierce. That being said, we apply some basic common sense limitations. Lower prices must be verifiable on a valid retailer website. Marketplaces - such as Ebay and Amazon -as well as peer-to-peer websites like craigslist are examples of sites that we will not price match for obvious reasons. We will not match lower prices that cannot be confirmed.

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A price match can only be applied to an item with the same specifications as the item on the competitor's site. If the competitor includes a shipping cost with the price of the item we will match the total price of the item plus shipping. We reserve the right to confirm lower prices before any final sale. The source of a price match must be an authorized, US-based of the product in question (i.e., authorized Shimano, Daiwa, etc. dealer). If the price does not come from what we deem to be an authorized online source, we will not price match.

Military Discounts

Pro Tackle Solutions is honored to be able to provide our U.S. military service men and women with a 10% discount on all orders. We will ask that a current, valid military ID be sent or a copy of your DD214 if you are no longer serving, for verification purposes.

Once this information is provided we will set up your 10% discount and alert you to its availability.

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Thank you for your selfless service to our country. Note: Limit one discount or coupon per order. The military discount cannot be used in addition to any sale or promotional discounts or coupons.

Additional Discount Details

We do not allow multiple discounts of any kind to be applied to an order. During Sales times customer's can either opt for the sale discount or a different one if they qualify but not both. If your order is received with two or more discounts applied we will eliminate the smaller of the two (or more) discounts upon ordering processing. Then we will send you the confirmation e-mail with the one correct discount (with largest price break) applied.