Bass Mafia Terminal Tackle Coffin Tackle Box

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When creativity, organization, and functionality collide, the Bass Mafia Terminal Tackle Coffin is what you get! A must-have for overly organized anglers, it features six modular storage units where the anglers can mix and match Bass Mafia Hook Coffins and Bass Mafia Weight Coffins (3 of each come standard with the Terminal Tackle Coffin). In addition to weight and hook storage, the entire front row is dedicated to storage of miscellaneous items such as split rings, glue, markers, attractants, and other baits. Like all Bass Mafia products, it displays outstanding durability, proven through extensive testing, to provide uncrushable, rock-solid performance.

Dimensions: 14 1/5 inches x 9 1/3 inches x 2 inches


  • The Bass Mafia Terminal Tackle Coffin is a creative terminal tackle storage solution with customizable configuration.
  • Offers room for 6 modular storage units that allows anglers to mix and match Bass Mafia Hook and Weight Coffins.
  • Comes standard with 3 Hook Coffins and 3 Weight Coffins.
  • Front row for miscellaneous storage of split rings, glue, markers, etc.
  • Extensively tested durability for crushproof, rock-solid performance.
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