Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap Original Lipless Crankbait

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The Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap is THE original lipless crankbait. First developed by Bill Lewis himself in the late 1960s, the Rat-L-Trap is a 3 inch, 1/2 ounce shad profile lure that has seen extensive use by anglers all over the world for over 50 years! The secret to its success? These things are easy to use and flat out catch fish in a variety of water clarity conditions and depths.

Fishing in stained, dirty water? There's a wide range of dark and chrome colors that stick out to predators hunting in low visibility conditions. Is your local lake as clear as the first sunny day of spring? Well, there's a plethora of realistic baitfish color schemes (everything from Ayu to Warmouth) that can help you "match the hatch" and put fish in the boat. Deep water? Shallow water? The Rat-L-Trap works great in both. Fish 'em slow in the shallows with a simple cast-and-crank technique or let them sink to the bottom and burn 'em back across deep structure to create tons of bite-enticing deflections. Even Yo-yo-ing off the bottom works great too.

Overall, the Rat-L-Trap is a time-tested lure that deserves a spot in every anglers tackle box. Its low-frequency knocking pitch accompanied by its tight wiggling action and shad profile flash are a simple recipe to get you bit. Fish it in saltwater or freshwater and choose among a wide range of proven and tested fish-catching colors to suit your needs.


  • The Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap is the classic lipless crankbait, famous for its ability to cover a lot of water.
  • Best known for ripping through shallow grass beds for bass waiting in ambush.
  • Loud rattles and flashy shad profile with super-tight wiggling action garners lots of attention.
  • Can be fished in a variety of ways, from shallow to deep, fresh or saltwater.
  • Available in over 50 proven fish-catching colors.

Note: All colors come pre-rigged with Mustad Triple Grip treble hooks.

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    # Part Numbers

    Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
    American ShadRT290051875122908
    Avocado HaloRT146051875221465
    Blue ShinerRT260051875122601
    Blueback HerringRT286051875122861
    Blueberry PerchRT255051875122557
    Bone Orange BellyRT06051875120065
    Chartreuse Black BackRT09051875120096
    Chartreuse ShadRTSY5051875100050
    Chartreuse ShinerRT52051875120522
    Chartreuse Silver ShadRT291051875122915
    Cherry BombRT654051875126548
    Chrome ShadRTSY1051875100012
    Classic Fire TigerRT22051875120225
    Diamond DustRT53051875120577
    Fathead MinnowRT261051875122618
    Fire TigerRTW4051875129143
    Ghost MinnowRT594051875125947
    Ghost ShadRT621051875126210
    Gizzard ShadRT287051875122878
    Gold Black BackRT26051875120263
    Gold Blue BackRT26B051875129679
    Gold ShadRTSY2051875100029
    Gold Tennessee ShadRT39G051875122397
    Green SunfishRT252051875122526
    Lake Fork SpecialRT25SP051875129259
    Natural RedRT391051875123912
    Natural ShadRT509051875125091
    Olive ShadRT294051875122946
    Pinch'n PeachRT264051875122649
    Pro BlueRT613051875126135
    Pro GoldRT614051875126142
    Pumpkin PerchRT295051875122953
    Pumpkin SeedRT114051875121147
    Purple ShadRT292051875122922
    Rainbow TroutRT18051875120188
    Red HeadRT97051875120973
    Red ShadRTSY8051875100081
    Root BeerRT315051875123158
    Sexy GoldRT520G051875225203
    Sexy PrismRT506051875125060
    Sexy SunfishRT257051875122571
    Sexy WestRT520051875125206
    Silver ShadRT293051875122939
    Silver Tennessee ShadRT40051875120409
    Smokey JoeRT05051875120058
    Summer Sexy ShadRT611051875126111
    Sunrise PerchRT253051875122533
    Tequila SunriseRT110051875121109
    White ShadRTSY3051875100036
    Yearling BassRT30051875120300
    Yellow PerchRT284051875122847
    Yocum ShadRT610051875126104