Blue Fox Vibrax Bullet

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  • Blue Fox Vibrax Bullet is a heavier variation of the classic Vibrax inline spinner series designed for faster current or deeper water when maximum vibration is needed.
  • This long-casting spinner has an inline blade that rotates in wide arc for maximum vibration.
  • Inline blade spins directly on its heavy duty stainless steel shaft.
  • Equipped with extremely sharp tempered VMC hooks for quick penetration.
  • Same size as Classic Vibrax but it is thirty percent heavier.

Blue Fox Vibrax Bullet is a long-casting spinner designed for fast current or deep water when maximum vibration is needed. Each blade size is thirty percent heavier when compared to a Classic Vibrax of the same blade size (e.g., Size 0 blade Classic Vibrax is 7/64 oz., Size 0 blade Vibrax Bullet is 1/8 oz.). It has an inline blade that spins directly on the heavy-duty shaft in a wider arc for more vibration. Available in blade sizes 1 - 6 in a wide array of colors and plated metal finishes.

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Proposition 65
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