Booyah Baby Boo Jig

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A smaller counterpart of its big brother specialized for stealthy approach and diminutive presentation, the Booyah Baby Boo Jig is designed to catch even highly-pressured bass. Unlike the original Boo Jig, it does not have a rattle, which makes it a great finesse jig to trigger bites from finicky fish. Comes equipped with a light weedguard, a 60-strand silicone skirt, and a razor-sharp 3/0 Mustad Ultra Point Light Wire Hook. The Booyah Baby Boo Jig weighs 3/16 ounce and is available in 2 colors.


  • The Booyah Baby Boo Jig is the smaller version of the Boo Jig for a stealthier finesse approach.
  • Light weedguard for a weedless presentation.
  • Ideal for heavily-pressured fish.
  • Equipped with a 60-strand silicone skirt and 3/0 Mustad Ultra Point Hook.
  • Weighs 3/16 ounce and available in 2 colors.
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