Booyah Prank 2 1/2 Inch Topwater Popper

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$ 8.49
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The Booyah Prank is a 2 1/2 inch topwater popper specially designed to function as both a popper and shallow diving crankbait. Its cupped lip and shaved mouth spits and sprays tons of water when you fish it across the surface. Yet, ingeniously, this bait also features a small squarebill lip and a shaved back that allows it to dive up to 2 feet and deflect off of cover like a traditional squarebill. Comes outfitted with a feather-dressed #6 treble hook to make it even more attractive to any bass that dares to cross its path. Available in 8 colors.


  • The Booyah Prank is a 2 1/2 inch topwater popper that pulls double duty as a shallow-diving squarebill.
  • Cupped and shaved mouth spits tons of water.
  • Shaved back helps it double as a shallow-running crankbait.
  • Equipped with a feather-dressed premium #6 treble hook.
  • Weighs 5/16 ounce, dives up to 2 feet and available in 8 colors.
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