Castaic Jerky J 7"

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Baby:  3.5" (8.9 cm) 10 Pack
Regular:  5" (12.7 cm) 8 Pack
Giant:  7" (18 cm) 3 Pack
The Castaic Jerky J soft jerk bait was created with an incredible, life-like scale pattern, fins and gill plate. It has hand painted eyes and a multi-colored paint job. These incredible jerk baits jump, dart and splash at the surface like no other. Molded soft plastic with a textured scale pattern for a bass appealing feel, these jerk baits swoop and glide beautifully with or without any weight added. The difference is how the Jerky J is designed with a thick mid-section and thin tail section that causes the bait to veer wildly from side to side when twitched along. Fish these baits on light line and let the line go slack on the pause between twitches. Experiment with different retrieve rates and find the one that will drive the bass to bite. Great for freshwater and saltwater fishing.

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Smoke PepperGJJSP0638997600127
White Red HeadGJJWRH0638997600011