Cotton Cordell Big O Square-Lip Crankbait 3-Piece Variety Pack

$ 12.49
$ 11.89
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  • The Cotton Cordell Big O Square-Lip Crankbait is a 3-Piece shallow diving squarebill crankbait variety pack.
  • Ideal for shallow water bass fishing.
  • Short square lip deflects off of cover.
  • Attractive colors and patterns for bass.
  • Great deal on some classic bass lures!

The Cotton Cordell Big O Square-Lip Crankbait is a 3-piece variety pack of Cotton Cordell Big O Crankbaits. The Cotton Cordell Big O Shallow Square-Lip Crankbait is a shallow diving squarebill crankbait. Originally designed as a carved wooden lure by Fred Young, Cotton Cordell purchased the design rights from Young in 1973 and turned his wooden carving into plastic to create a tougher, more consistently running hard bait. And boy did he hit it out of the park with that decision! More than a million were sold during that first year. With it's original square-lip crankbait, it deflects cover with ease and catches plenty of bass, pike and other gamefish. To this day, the Big O retains that original fish-catching action, buoyant body and cover-deflecting ability as Young's original, but you can depend on each Big O to run true right out of the box, at the same depth, every time. Comes in three staple bass fishing colors: Red Eye Pearl, Perch, and Chartreuse Perch.

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