Evergreen International Ch-1 Crankbait

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$ 13.59
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The Evergreen CH-1 Crank is designed specifically for fishing over the tops of aquatic vegetation. Built to run just a foot below the surface, the Evergreen CH-1 Crank delivers a hard thump, which not only calls to hungry bass hunkered in the grass, but makes the bait easier to clear when it gets hung-up.

Internally, the Evergreen CH-1 Crank is fitted with a high-pitch rattle, which generates a light, yet enticing acoustic attraction. Constructed with unyielding commitment to detail, the Evergreen CH-1 Crank is covered with a super-realistic finish, 3-D eyes, and molded accents. Offered in a number of fish-fooling colors, the Evergreen CH-1 Crank is designed to improve efficiency around grass, making it easier to target areas where other crankbaits struggle.

Length Weight Depth
2-1/4" 7/16oz 0-1ft 
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