Evergreen International Fa-87 Jerkbait

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Evergreen International FA-87 Series Suspending Jerk Bait

Size Type Depth Length Weight Hook Size
87 Suspending 3 - 5 feet 3 3/8in (87mm) 5/16oz (8.5g) Front:#8 Center:#8 Rear:#8
115 Suspending 3 - 7 feet 4 1/2in (115mm) 5/8oz (18.6g) Front:#5 Center:#5 Rear:#5

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The Evergreen International FA-87 produces powerful vibrations that attract bite after bite. It may be the little brother of the FA-115, but this powerful bait is not to be underestimated. Evergreen International kept the original FA-115 features of distance and action, but added natural bite-inducing vibrations to withstand tougher fishing conditions. Whether through its irregular and wide-angled dart action, the tight wiggle action and pauses of a pumping retrieve, or its use as a bait tackle thanks to its casting distance, this bite-sized killer is ready to go to work for you. The FA-87's smaller body gives it the versatility to go from stillness to motion, dramatic to subtle, and produce natural vibrations that lead directly to a bite.

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