Evergreen International Wh-8 Crankbait

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Evergreen International WH-8 Series Crank Bait

Size Type Depth Length Weight Hook Size
WH-3 Floating 2 - 3 feet 2in (52mm) 3/8oz (10.0g) Front:#7 Rear:#5
WH-5 Floating 4 - 5 feet 2in (52mm) 5/16oz (9.6g) Front:#7 Rear:#5
WH-8 Floating 6 - 8 feet 2 1/3in (60mm) 9/16oz (16.5g) Front:#5 Rear:#4

 See separate listings for other sizes listed above.

The Evergreen International WH-8 is the big bad brother of the famous WH-5, sinking 8 feet deep. The pros at Evergreen International kept the original attributes of the WH-5 and added a capacity for depth that leaves bass with little chance for escape. Anglers can enjoy the original WH-5’s superior capacity for avoiding snags, with the added ability to go deep and approach the bottom in ways not possible before. During the early spring 2014 Bassmaster Classic, award-winning angler Shimizu used this big-bodied killer to pull 5-pounders out of the water three days in a row, and later in the fall during a TV shoot, more consecutive 5-pounders! The results speak for themselves. Regardless of field or season, the WH-8 is a powerhouse that you need in your tackle box.

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