Evergreen International Ze-73 Lipless Crankbait

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Evergreen International ZE-73 Series Lipless Sinking Crank Bait

Type Depth Length Weight Hook Size
Sinking 0 feet - bottom 2 7/8in (73mm) 3/4oz (21.0g) Front:#4 Rear:#5

The Evergreen International ZE-73 strives to achieve the highest standards in each and every feature, making it the ultimate in lipless crankbaits. In addition to the long-distance castability and quick retrieve, ZE-73 has an internal ribbed structure, which controls the range of movement of the large-grained tungsten weights (which also work as a rattle) and stabilizes its approach to the water. This in turn eliminates unnecessary problems, such as backlash or line tangles. The complex rattle sound made up of multiple materials is capable of attracting the attention of faraway bass, making it an excellent, high-performance search bait. The combined effects of the two-step head with separate incline angles and a slim fin create a V-shaped wobble that delivers a powerful vibration and water resistance. Its superior water-grasping capacity allows the angler to feel the vibration even during a slow retrieve, demonstrating its effectiveness under low water temperatures or during periods of low activity for the bass. From standard fishing movements to high-response functions, such as ripping through the grass, jerk and fall, cranking and pause, Evergreen International's lipless crankbait responds to a variety of techniques at a high level of performance. From the surface to the bottom of the water column — covering large areas, approaching the target slowly, through cranking and rod work — ZE-73 does it all at the highest possible level. Get yours today and make every cast count.