Gambler Mega Daddy 5"

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5" (13 cm) 5 Pack
Meet the Gambler Mega Daddy. This bait is the larger version of Gambler's Flappy Daddy. The Mega Daddy's solid body is perfect for casting, flipping, pitching or as a jig trailer. The Mega Daddy's realistic craw arms provide tremendous action and vibration on the fall and each Mega Daddy is also injected with Gambler BITE scent so bass hold on longer for more positive hooksets.
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# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Blue GrassFD50890024395580893
Golden RoachFD5205024395012233
Gold RushFD51660024395007161
Green PumpkinFD50270024395580275
Green Pumpkin Black SwirlFD5207024395012226
Green Pumpkin JellyFD51570024395581579
Green Pumpkin ShadowFD51730024395007192
Green Pumpkin Watermelon CandyFD50110024395580114
Hurricane CrawFD50290024395580299
June BugFD50030024395580039
June Bug Green PumpkinFD51280024395581289
June Bug Shadow BlueFD51740024395007208
River BugFD50230024395007154