Gambler Quick Change Punch Skirts 2 Pack

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2 Pack
The Gambler KO Quick Change Punch Skirts allow fishermen to easily add or remove their punch skirt by slipping it over the hook and into place. Gambler designed a specialty collar for their skirt that will remain in place under the sinker when in use, but when anglers wish to change the color or remove it entirely it can easily be threaded down off the hook. This development affords anglers unlimited possibilities in regards to color selection - whether you wish to match the bait's color or would rather use contrasting hues - you can switch when you feel the need. One of the toughest parts about fishing is trusting your instincts. Many times you have the desire to change your presentation, but punching rigs take time to setup effectively and when your out on the water it's not easy to sit down and stop fishing. With the Gambler Quick Change Punch Skirts, changing your punching rig is simple and speedy!
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