Gary Yamamoto Sanshouo

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 Size Quantity
4 3/4" (12 cm) 6 Pack

The Gary Yamamoto Sanshouo is a product that could be flipped, pitched, punched, Carolina rigged, Texas rigged or on a football head. This makes the Sanshouo excels throughout the water column. It's extremely compact, yet produces a heavy duty action all its own. The Sanshouo is fashioned to resemble a waterdog, sculpin, goby or bluegill, with a distinct profile that fish don't see all of the time. This will become your go-to bait and with a range of colors it'll work in any water clarity under a variety of conditions. You can even try it on a chatterbait when you want your bladed jig to have more vibration than with a more subtle slotted bait, or put it on the back of a swim jig.


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