Gary Yamamoto Yama Frog

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The Gary Yamamoto Yama Frog glides easily on the surface of the water with an extreme kicking action even at the slowest speeds. The perfect solution for buzzing over tops of grassbeds and around heavy cover. The deep hook cavity in the body ensures good hook-up ratios and will accept the largest heavy-wire EWG hooks.
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# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Black Blue Flake129-05-0210783670157075
Black Cherry Laminate129-05-9780783670158034
Cream White129-05-0360783670157082
Fading Watermelon Pepper129-05-194J0783670157068
Green Pumpkin129-05-2970783670157051
Green Pumpkin Green & Purple Flake129-05-3010783670157440
Green Pumpkin Laminate129-05-9290783670157143
Green Pumpkin White Laminate129-05-9810783670157099
Lime Fever Laminate129-05-9590783670157136
Night Frog Laminate129-05-9820783670157112
Perch Laminate129-05-9680783670157105
Watermelon Black & Red Flake129-05-2080783670157129
Watermelon Purple & Green Flake129-05-3660783670157433