Heddon Clatter Tadpolly 3 inch Topwater Trolling Plug

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The Heddon Clatter Tadpolly is a proven topwater trolling plug with a slightly curved profile that produces a wide, exaggerated wobble as it moves through the water. It's rigged with two extra-sharp, extra-strong treble hooks and comes in a wide range of bright, fish-attracting colors with durable finishes. Aided by the vibration created by the noisy internal rattle, the Tadpolly is sure to catch the attention of a variety of species. Troll it along contours for salmon, or cast it for steelhead. This versatile bait also does very well when fished in fast-running waters. Available in 7 colors.


  • The Heddon Clatter Tadpolly Topwater Trolling Plug is a topwater-proven bait for fast-running waters.
  • Curved profile with a wide wobbling action.
  • Noisy internal rattles that add vibration.
  • Rigged with two extra-sharp treble hooks.
  • Available in bright colors that are sure to catch attention from salmon and steelhead.
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