Jackall Aska 70 Sr Crankbait

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Type Dive Depth Length Weight
50SR 4 ft 2" (5 cm) 1/4 oz. (7 g)
60SR 4 ft 2.5" (6 cm) 3/8 oz. (11.4 g)
70SR 4 ft 3" (8 cm) 5/8 oz. (17.7 g)
The Jackall Aska crankbait is the world's most advanced crankbait design to date. Jackall's design team spent more than five years and made over one hundred prototypes designing the Aska. So, if you know Jackall, you can imagine how great this crankbait really is. First, Jackall used fiberglass circuit board style designed bills which grab much more water. The slender body design has a fast wobbling and rolling action that bass cannot resist. This silent running lure attracts bigger fish in pressure situations and the unique lure design has perfect balance to help make it snag less and deflect off objects. Also, the perfect body shape and balance of the Jackall Aska enables it to swim straight even at fast retrieve speeds. Even the center hook was designed to have less play so that it has less of a chance to tangle with the bill and the rear hook. All you need to do is add water and hang on.
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