Lazer TroKar TK130 EWG Flippin' Hook

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Perfectly engineered for flipping and pitching, the Lazer TroKar TK130 EWG Flippin' Hook delivers constant performance and better catch ratio. Featuring TroKar's Surgically Sharpened Technology, it has an ultra-sharp, three-sided point using a high-speed automated grinder which is also used in manufacturing high-precision surgical needles. This results in a point twice as sharp as its leading competitors, with half the pressure needed to penetrate. With a durable plastic baitkeeper barb, it locks soft plastics in place. To bring out the maximum strength potential of its ultra-high carbon steel Q741 wire construction, it is subjected to a unique tempering process, resulting to a bolstered wire diameter able to gain the right amount of flex to resist breaking. Available in 4 sizes.


  • The Lazer TroKar TK130 EWG Flippin' Hook is perfectly engineered for flipping and pitching presentations.
  • TroKar's Surgically Sharpened Technology for sharpened three-sided hook points.
  • Finished with a plastic baitkeeper barb to lock soft plastics in place.
  • Bolstered wire diameter using a unique tempering process for maximum strength ultra-high carbon steel Q741 wire.
  • Available in 4 sizes.