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Lucky Craft

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 Length Weight Style Dive Depth
2 1/2" (5 cm) 1/2 oz (15 g) Floating 6-9'
Lucky Crafts Flat CB is a series of crankbaits featuring styling that's as functional as it is beautiful. The powerful rolling action achieved by a low center of gravity produces an excellent reflection effect that enables you to catch bass on all tries-from the very first cast, on the first day of field-testing, indeed, it is a miracle bait design. The Flat CB was developed under a simple design concept: The user can choose the most suitable type, depending on water depth. Yet the most notable feature of these baits is the optimized oscillation rate achieved by their slender body designs. Unlike the FAT CB, which can be guided freely in water without being caught in the deadfall or rocks, the FLAT CB is suitable for use in open water, where it can lure bass hiding in rocky crevices or structure, or to catch schooling fish one by one without alarming the rest.

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