Lucky Craft Lv 100 Lipless Crankbait

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2.5" (65 mm) 1/2 oz (12.5 g) Sinking #6
The Lucky Craft LV 100 is a lipless crankbait that has a natural shape and wobbling action. For professional fishermen and weekenders alike, the LV series will allow for fast coverage of water, especially when fish are difficult to locate. The lure can be cast long distance and retrieved at depths of 1-3 feet. The LV series are equipped with brass and glass rattles that expose bass to a unique sound unlike other rattling lures. The natural shape coupled with the tight vibrating wobble action makes this bait a must for your tackle box.
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# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Aurora BlackLV100-052ABK802897450527
Aurora BrownLV100-277ABR802897402772
Baby BluegillLV100-149BBBG802897401492
Chartreuse BlueLV100-263CRBL802897402635
Chartreuse Light BlueLV100-287CRLB802897402871
Chartreuse ShadLV100-250CRSD802897402505
Crack BlueLV100-155CKBL802897401553
Ghost Baby BluegillLV100-148GBBG802897451485
Ghost Blue ShadLV100-237GBSD802897402376
Ghost BrownLV100-279GOBR802897402796
Ghost Chartreuse ShadLV100-170GCRSD802897401706
Ghost MinnowLV100-238GMN802897402383
Ghost Threadfin ShadLV100-186GPTFSD802897401867
Green SexyLV100-159GNSX802897401591
Light HitchLV100-185LHT802897451850
Mad CrawLV100-286MDCR802897402864
Mat PumpkinLV100-278NCPK802897402789
Mat TigerLV100-245NCTG802897402451
MS American ShadLV100-270MSAS802897402703
MS CrackLV100-150MSCRK802897401508
MS Gunmetal ShadLV100-151MSGMSD802897401515
Pearl AyuLV100-268PAY802897402680
Pearl Threadfin ShadLV100-183PTHFSD802897401836
Sexy Chartreuse ShadLV100-172SXCRSD802897401720
Spring CrawLV100-070SPCR802897450709