Lucky Craft Pointer 100DD 4 inch Deep Diving Suspending Jerkbait

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"DD equals Deep Diver". Listen up all you Pointer fans, Lucky Craft now has a new Pointer minnow to add to their repertoire. The Lucky Craft Pointer 100 DD is a deeper diving version of the popular Pointer 100 SP. This new Pointer 100 DD is a great bait for fishing a few feet deeper than the original 100 SP. This bait will dive about 6-7 feet deep and suspend when paused. It has a wider wobble than the Pointer 100 SP and still has the same body style. This bait can be used for a bigger profile bait in lieu of the Staysee 90 SP. When the fish are holding out a little deeper this bait will get in their face and aggravate them to strike.


  • "DD equals Deep Diver". The Lucky Craft Pointer 100 DD is a deeper diving version of the popular Pointer 100 SP.
  • Suspends on the pause.
  • The Pointer 100DD is 4" (100 mm) long and weighs 5/8 oz (17 g).
  • The Pointer 100DD also has two treble hooks.
  • Creates a fish attracting vibration--even when suspended--that drive the bass nuts and draw in the big strikes!
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# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Aurora BlackPT100DD-052ABK802897830520
Aurora Ghost WakasagiPT100DD-291AGWK802897832913
Aurora Gold Northern PerchPT100DD-884AGNPC802897838847
Black & GoldPT100DD-242BAG6887997832425
Bloody Original Tennessee ShadPT100DD-101BOTSD802897831015
Bloody Table Rock ShadPT100DD-107BTRS802897831077
Bone Pro BluePT100DD-371BPB802897833712
Brown TroutPT100DD-803BRT802897838038
Citrus ShadPT100DD-253CTSD802897832531
Crack BlackPT100DD-154CKBK802897831541
Ghost Baby BluegillPT100DD-148GBBG802897831480
Ghost Chartreuse ShadPT100DD-170GCRSD802897831701
Ghost MinnowPT100DD-238GMN802897832388
Ghost ThreadPT100DD-186GPTFSD802897831862
Green SexyPT100DD-159GNSX802897831596
Laser Rainbow TroutPT100DD-276LRBT802897832760
Mat TigerPT100DD-245NCTG802897832456
MS American ShadPT100DD-270MSAS802897832708
MS CrackPT100DD-150MSCRK802897831503
MS Ghost Chartreuse ShadPT100DD-225MSGCRSD802897832258
MS Gun Metal ShadPT100DD-151MSGMSD802897831510
MS Japanese ShadPT100DD-192MSJPSD802897831923
MS MJ HerringPT100DD-254MSMJHRG802897832548
MS Pearl WakasagiPT100DD-233MSPWK802897832333
NC Shell WhitePT100DD-285NCSH802897832852
Northern Yellow PerchPT100DD-807NYPC802897838076
Original Tennessee ShadPT100DD-077OTSD802897830773
Pearl Flake WhitePT100DD-219PFAY802897832197
Pearl Threadfin ShadPT100DD-183PTHFSD802897831831
Red MuskyPT100DD-815RMSK802897838151
Rootbeer BrownPT100DD-113RBBR802897831138
Sexy Chartreuse ShadPT100DD-172SXCCRSD802897831725
Spotted ShadPT100DD-804SPSD802897838045