Lucky Craft Pointer 78 Suspending Shallow Jerkbait

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  • The Lucky Craft Pointer 78 is a 3 inch, 3/8 once suspending jerkbait.
  • Dives 4 to 5 feet.
  • Low center of balance causes the lure to wobble and vibrate on the pause.
  • One of the top lures for freshwater bass fishing.
  • Available in a wide range of colors.

The Lucky Craft Pointer 78 is a 3 inch, 3/8 once suspending jerkbait that dives 4 to 5 feet. The Lucky Craft Pointer has been designed with a very low center of gravity through the use of special brass weights. The low center of balance causes the lure to wobble and vibrate whenever the retrieving motion is stopped. The Lucky Craft Pointer will suspend 4 -5 feet deep and will emit an intriguing bass-calling vibration, while in the suspended state. A short twitch of the fishing rod will generate the "Walk-the-Dog" action under the water.

Within each Pointer 78 is the essence of Lucky Craft's dedication to precision in design and function. "The Pointer 78 is Lucky Craft's crown jewel," says Skeet Reese. "As long as the visibility is 18 inches or better, I'll have one tied on."

Due to its size and vast array of intricate color patterns, the 78 mimics nearly any baitfish, from shad and herring to sunfish and shiners. "Originally, the 78 was used as a schooling bait when targeting bass in open water during the summer and fall," Reese says. "

But as more fishermen began using them across the country, it became apparent the bait had no boundaries in terms of seasons, species or regions. It's deadly on summer smallmouth in the northeast, pre-spawn largemouth in the south or wintertime spotted bass. It's truly a universal lure."

Reese ties a 78 to a 7-foot medium action rod and casts it on 8- to 20-pound line. "Ideally a 78 will reach 4 to 5 feet on 8-pound test," he says. "But if I'm jerking the bait around shallow heavy cover like grass or wood, I have no problem tying it to 20-pound test. It won't go as deep, but heavy line does not impede the action."

Reese also warns anglers about over working a Pointer 78. "There's no need to violently jerk or snatch this lure," he adds. "It's most effective side-to-side cadence is found with firm twitches and short pauses." "It's deadly on summer smallmouth in the northeast, pre-spawn largemouth in the south or wintertime spotted bass. It's a truly universal lure." - B.A.S.S. Elite Series Pro Skeet Reese


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    # Part Numbers

    Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
    Aurora BlackPT78-052ABK802897080529
    Aurora Pro BluePT78-257APB802897082578
    Baby BassPT78-249BBS802897082493
    Baby BluegillPT78-149BBBG802897081496
    Black CrappiePT78-319BKCPE802897083193
    Bloody Ghost MinnowPT78-102BGMN802897081021
    Bone Pro BluePT78-371BPB802897083711
    CF Ghost Pearl AyuPT78-125CFGPAY802897081250
    Chartreuse ShadPT78-250CRSD802897082509
    Crack BlackPT78-154CKBK802897081540
    Crack BluePT78-155CKBL802897081557
    Crystal Pro BluePT78-369CYPB802897083698
    Flake Flake AyuPT78-231FFAY802897082318
    Flake Flake Golden Sexy MinnowPT78-179FFGSM802897081793
    Flake Flake Golden Sun FishPT78-180FFGSF802897081809
    Flake Flake Happy GillPT78-229FFHG802897082295
    Flake Flake HerringPT78-230FFHR802897082301
    Flake Flake Male GillPT78-228FFMG802897082288
    Ghost Baby BluegillPT78-148GBBG802897081489
    Ghost Blue ShadPT78-237GBSD802897082370
    Ghost MinnowPT78-238GMN802897082387
    Ghost Natural ShadPT78-368GNSD802897083681
    Ghost Tennessee ShadPT78-222GTSD802897082226
    Ghost Threadfin ShadPT78-186GPTFSD802897081861
    Gizzard ShadPT78-318GZSD802897083186
    Half Metallic AyuPT78-372HMAY802897083728
    Laser Rainbow TroutPT78-276LRBT802897082769
    Male BluegillPT78-163MBLGL802897081632
    Misty Shad - OikawaPT78-284MYSD802897082844
    MJ Japanese MinnowPT78-836MJJPMN802897088365
    MS American ShadPT78-270MSAS802897082707
    MS Aurora ShadPT78-166MSASD802897081663
    MS CrackPT78-150MSCRK802897081502
    MS Gunmetal ShadPT78-151MSGMSD802897081519
    MS MJ HerringPT78-254MSMJHRG802897082547
    NC Female BluegillPT78-162FBLGL802897081625
    NC Shell WhitePT78-285NCSH802897082851
    Orange Sexy Ghost MinnowPT78-226OSXGMN802897082264
    Original Tennessee ShadPT78-077OTSD802897080772
    Pearl AyuPT78-268PAY802897082684
    Pearl GoujonPT78-134PGJN802897081342
    Pearl Threadfin ShadPT78-183PTHFSD802897081830
    Pearl VaironPT78-130PVRN802897081304
    Rainbow TroutPT78-056RBT802897080567
    Red MuskyPT78-815RMSK802897088150
    Royal ShadPT78-160RLSD802897081601
    Sexy Chartreuse ShadPT78-172SXCRSD802897081724
    Skeet's MagicPT78-171CFGGM802897081717
    Striped ShadPT78-241SSD802897082417
    Table Rock ShadPT78-261TRS802897082615