Lucky Craft Real California 200 Supreme Swimbait

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Real California Length Weight
130 5 1/2" (13.6 cm) 1 1/4 oz (36 g)
200 7 7/8" (20 cm) 1 5/8 oz (45 g)
Lucky Craft has entered the premium swimbait market with the Real California Premium Swimbaits. This lure takes Lucky Craft's research and technology to another level. The swimming action and liveliness of this lure is second to none. Lucky Craft has spent a tremendous amount of time focusing on eye placement, fin position and body action to make it one of the most realistic swimbaits on the market today. The weighting system was intricately designed to match the weight of a live fish.
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# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Aurora BlackRLCA200SPM-052ABK0844725320520
Brown TroutRLCA200SPM-803BRT0844725328038
Ghost Rainbow TroutRLCA200SPM-817GRBT0844725328175
Laser Rainbow TroutRLCA200SPM-276LRBT0844725322760
MS American ShadRLCA200SPM-270MSAS0844725322708