Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish X-Treme K9X

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  • Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish X-Treme K9X are strong, durable, full-throttle, wide-action hard lures that challenge gamefish both small and large.
  • The aggressive action forces a response from fish, often generating the most savage strikes imaginable.
  • Cast or troll, fish it on its own or with cut bait tied to the belly.
  • VMC Perma Steel treble hooks and UV Bright finish (colors with UV in the name only) to strengthen its visibility.
  • Available in a variety of excellent salmon and steelhead fishing colors.

The Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish X-Treme K9X is a 2 3/4 inch strong, durable, full-throttle, wide-action lure that dives up to 10 feet and challenges gamefish both small and large. Great for when you want a deeper diving lure when fishing deep water or fast current without needing a lead weight or diver. For maximum success, pinch the eye on the face of the plug to achieve an even side-to-side action, or pinch the eye in the opposite direction that the lure is favoring, until it tracks straight. Cast or troll, fish it on its own or with cut bait tied to the belly. This lure is available in variety of excellent salmon and steelhead fishing colors and is proven to perform no matter what the conditions are.

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CA Proposition 65 WARNING
Proposition 65
 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Black Chrome Red Streak5413-9X-1642049762644503
Blazin' Blue UV5413-9X-1623049762640741
Blazin' Blue/ Pink UV5413-9X-1625049762641540
Blazin' Green UV5413-9X-1622049762640734
Blazin' Pink UV5413-9X-1621049762640727
Blazin' Purple/ Pink UV5413-9X-1624049762641533
Blazin' Red UV5413-9X-1620049762640710
Blue Chrome Pink Streak5413-9X-1643049762644510
Blue/Chartreuse UV5413-9X-1604049762636553
Chartreuse/Flo. Red Dot/Sparkle5413-9X-0924049762628541
Copper Crawfish5413-9X-0990049762628602
Dr. Death5413-9X-0190049762628398
Fire Tiger5413-9X-0979049762628596
Flo. Chartreuse/Green UV5413-9X-1601049762636522
Flo. Green/Chartreuse UV5413-9X-1600049762636515
Flo. Pink/Chartreuse UV5413-9X-1602049762636539
Flo. Red/Chartreuse UV5413-9X-1603049762636546
Fluorescent Red Fire5413-9X-0913049762628480
Gold Digger5413-9X-0856049762628473
Gold/Green Pirate5413-9X-0922049762628527
Green Chrome Red Streak5413-9X-1641049762644497
Metallic Perch5413-9X-0814049762628459
MJ- Black Holographic Glitter5413-9X-0916049762628497
Orange Craw5413-9X-0863049762641526
Rainbow Trout5413-9X-0806049762628442
Red Black Mamba5413-9X-1557049762642431
Red Chrome Pink Streak5413-9X-1644049762644527
Silver Pink Mamba5413-9X-1556049762642424
Silver Red Mamba5413-9X-1555049762642417
Silver/Blue Pirate5413-9X-0923049762628534
Silver/Blue Scale5413-9X-0936049762628565
Silver/Flo. Red Belly & Back Stripe5413-9X-0930049762628558
Silver/Flo. Red Dot5413-9X-0050049762628381