Megabass Grenade

by Megabass
$ 24.99

Length Weight Depth
4-1/4" 1-5/8oz 3ft 

Megabass Grenade delivers a monster-sized shallow water presentation that targets big fish with explosive action, speed, and effectiveness. Built with a large, imposing body, the Megabass Grenade displaces a massive amount of water and sends strong signals to the lateral line of predators.

Incredibly effective in low-light and stained waters, the Megabass Grenade delivers a powerful wobbling action that big bass easily key-in on from a distance. Designed with a low center of gravity, the Megabass Grenade produces consistent retrieves and mile-long casts that allow anglers to cover water quickly. Perfect for calling kicker fish to the boat, the Megabass Grenade provides the oversized attraction that you need to “blow-away” the competition.

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