Megabass Kanata Jerkbait

$ 24.99


Length Weight Class
6-1/3" 1oz Slow-floating

The Megabass Kanata Jerkbait was designed to target fish that are keyed in on larger bait. Its carefully tuned flat-side body gives off monstrous flash whether burned over grass beds or worked like the Vision Oneten. With a streamlined, slender body, the Megabass Kanata keeps resistance to a minimum. This allows for a fast, action-packed retrieve that will not put undue stress on angler’s wrists and forearms, even with a Medium Heavy setup. Sharp rod work fuels energetic darting actions, kicking out side-to-side with huge water displacement and appeal with less forward travel than the Oneten. When paused, the Kanata lifts its head before rising perfectly horizontally, adding a unique action to the mix. Its straight retrieve shows off a high-pitch rolling action with flashing visual appeal.
Its aerodynamic form and custom-fitted Megabass original Tungsten Triple Oscillating moving balancer system powers effortlessly long casts, allowing Kanata to target those clever monster fish from long range.

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