Megabass Logo T-Shirt

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The Megabass Logo T-Shirt is a 100% cotton short sleeve t-shirt featuring the renowned Megabass block letter logo displayed across the chest. This Megabass Logo T-Shirt is the perfect apparel item for fans of the Megabass brand or bass fishermen in general. One of the world's premier fishing tackle manufacturers, Megabass has humble beginnings starting in the garage of legendary lure designer Yuki Ito. Since it's inception back in 1985, Megabass has grown to become synonymous with the bass fishing industry and still remains the pinnacle of lure design which all other companies strive to reach. The front of the shirt displays the white Megabass logo and on the back right below the collar is a skull displayed right above two crossed fishing rods. Each sleeve displays a different Japanese symbol.

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