Megabass Trick Darter X-80 Jerkbait

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 Length Weight Style Dive Depth
3 1/8" (79 mm) 3/8 oz (11 g) Suspending/Slow-Float 4-7'
Anglers who have experienced the effectiveness of the Vision 110 will be equally impressed with the X-80 Trick Darter. A long time favorite of many top U.S. bass fishing professionals, the Trick Darter truly comes alive in the water.The smaller, realistically profiled Trick Darter features the same legendary Multiway Moving Balancer System (Pat.) as the Vision 110, with the addition of a fixed balancer in front, allowing for easy casts and incredible action. The Trick Darter will dart erratically with short snaps of the rod tip, and will draw reaction strikes from the most timid fish in the lake.The Trick Darter is a particularly deadly lure for pre-spawn bass in clear water. Many times, especially after a cold front passes through, the Trick Darter will continue to produce great results when larger jerk baits aren't getting the bites.The ideal conditions for fishing the Trick Darter are in water visibilities between 2 to 20ft., combined with water temps between 38 and 65 degrees. However, the Trick Darter will produce in any weather condition; anglers will find the Trick Darter will continue to draw strikes on slick, sunny days when other lures won't.
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Proposition 65
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# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Elegy BoneTRICKDARTER-ELEGYBON4513473331473
French Pearl OBTRICKDARTER-FRNPRLOB4513473331466
GG Flashing WakasagiTRICKDARTER-GGFLASHW4513473331534
GG Jabara FireTRICKDARTER-GGJABFIR4513473258879
GG Threadfin ShadTRICKDARTER-GGTHREAD4513473331428
GP Crystal ShadTRICKDARTER-GPCRY4513473331497
GP Pro Blue 2TRICKDARTER-GPPROBL24513473331480
GP Skeleton Tennessee ShadTRICKDARTER-GPSKELT4513473209673
HT Ito Tennessee ShadTRICKDARTER-HTITS4513473331527
Kohoku ReactionTRICKDARTER-KOREACT4513473293962
Mat TigerTRICKDARTER-MATTIGER4513473027178
M Cosmic ShadTRICKDARTER-MCOSSHAD4513473266034
Megabass Sexy ShadTRICKDARTER-MEGASEXY4513473331503
Ozark ShadTRICKDARTER-OZARKSHA4513473331442
Pagani RaigyoTRICKDARTER-PAGRAIG4513473298578
PM Threadfin ShadTRICKDARTER-PMTHREAD4513473331435
Table Rock SPTRICKDARTER-TABROCSP4513473331558
Wagin AyuTRICKDARTER-WAGINAYU4513473258855
Wagin HonmorokoTRICKDARTER-WAGINHON4513473266027