Missile Baits D Stroyer 6 Inch Soft Plastic Creature Bait

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$ 4.41
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The Missile Baits D Stroyer 6 inch is a soft plastic creature bait brought to you by the soft plastic connoisseurs at Missle Baits. The versatile D Stroyer is not just for pitching and flipping, it is also suitable attached to a Texas-rig, or on the back of a chatterbait. In addition, the D Stroyer features a unique beaver adaptation to help you destroy fish and your competition. Comes in packs of 6, choose from several fish-enticing colors.


  • The Missile Baits D Stroyer 6 inch Soft Plastic Creature Bait is a versatile soft plastic bait.
  • The versatile D Stroyer Creature Bait can pitch, flip, attach to a Texas rig or the back of a chatterbait.
  • The specialized beaver adaption of the bait allows you to snap up fish and destroy the competition.
  • The D Stroyer comes in Missile Baits' most popular colors: Bruiser, Green Pumpkin Flash, Watermelon Red, Candy Grass, Green Pumpkin, California Love, Bruiser Flash, and Super Bug.
  • This action-oriented bait is capable of hooking in a 6-pounder on the first throw.
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