NetBait Tiny Paca Craw 3 inch Soft Plastic Craw 10 pack

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With a unique hollow body able to be customized for your needs, the NetBait Tiny Paca Craw is sure to go a long way! This 3 inch bait can be equipped with internal rattles for added noise to catch the big bass' attention and can be filled with an enticing aroma that surely enthralls the fish. Thanks to its signature NetBait claws that flap during retrieve, it has a realistic motion that displaces large amounts of water and a slow decent as it sinks when pitched or flipped.

For a smooth sliding down of the hook, its butt end's first half inch is made of thicker plastic. These baits can be fished like a buzz bait by swimming it just under the surface, by flipping in heavy cover, and by Carolina rigging in deep waters. Available in the hottest fish-catching colors in packs of 10, the NetBait Tiny Paca Craw is no ordinary soft plastic craw!


  • The NetBait Tiny Paca Craw is a 3 inch soft plastic craw that features the patented NetBait claws and a hollow body.
  • First half inch of the butt end is made of thicker plastic, allowing for smooth sliding down of the hook.
  • Hollow body can be used to accommodate rattles for added noise or as used a reservoir for scents.
  • Helicopter effect that slows the decent of this bait as it sinks when flipped or pitched.
  • Available in 5 colors.
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