Nomad Design Chug Norris Saltwater/Bluewater Popper

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In Stock - Ships Today

Undisputedly the king of big game popper lures, the Nomad Design Chug Norris Saltwater/Bluewater Popper is an easy-to-use popper that hangs in the water and does not "pull out" when popped. The Chug Norris was designed to take the least amount of effort to achieve maximum results, it makes that awesome thumping 'pop' as the cup catches the waters surface. It sticks to the waters surface, reducing the dreaded popper tumble and it casts like a bullet. When subsurface the Chug Norris displays an awesome swimming action that just makes fish go wild.

It conjures a very big pop even with less effort due to its hydrodynamic design and a unique body shape with a hyper-cupped face. It also makes an awesome slurping/ripping noise, casts like a bullet, and performs walk-the-dog action easily when twitched.

Made of durable through-wire/matrix stainless metal plate and full body foam core construction, it is one of the most durable poppers in today's market, ready to withstand any action.

Specialized for saltwater applications, it contains an internal rattle and equipped with 2 super-tough BKK inline single hooks. Get the Nomad Design Chug Norris Saltwater/Bluewater Popper in all of its 18 colors and 3 sizes and find out why Nomad Design lures are taking the saltwater fishing world by storm.


  • The Nomad Design Chug Norris Saltwater/Bluewater Popper is a heavy-duty, easy-to-use popper specialized for saltwater species.
  • Very big pop due to hydrodynamic design and unique body shape with ultra-cupped face.
  • Durable through-wire/matrix metal plate construction.
  • Equipped with an internal rattle and fitted with 2 BKK inline single hooks.
  • Available in 18 colors and in 3 sizes (4 2/4 inches, 6 inches, and 7 inches).
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CA Proposition 65 WARNING
Proposition 65
 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Amber Ghost Shad / 4 3/4 inchCHUG120-AGS9351482000080
Black Pink Mackerel / 4 3/4 inchCHUG120-BPM9351482000103
Black Pink Mackerel / 6 inchCHUG150-BPM9351482008901
Black Pink Mackerel / 7 inchCHUG180-BPM9351482000318
Calypso / 4 3/4 inchCHUG120-CAL9351482011369
Calypso / 6 inchCHUG150-CAL9351482011413
Chartreuse Orange Mackerel / 6 inchCHUG150-COM9351482010935
Fireball Red Head / 4 3/4 inchCHUG120-FRH9351482000127
Fusilier / 4 3/4 inchCHUG120-FUS9351482000134
Fusilier / 6 inchCHUG150-FUS9351482008918
Fusilier / 7 inchCHUG180-FUS9351482000332
Gold Buster / 6 inchCHUG150-GB9351482011437
Holo Ghost Shad / 4 3/4 inchCHUG120-HGS9351482000141
Holo Ghost Shad / 6 inchCHUG150-HGS9351482010911
Hot Pink Mackerel / 6 inchCHUG150-HPM9351482010942
Hot Pink Mackerel / 7 inchCHUG180-HPM9351482009007
Mack Tuna / 4 3/4 inchCHUG120-MT9351482000158
Mack Tuna / 6 inchCHUG150-MT9351482008932
Mack Tuna / 7 inchCHUG180-MT9351482000349
Nuclear Coral Trout / 4 3/4 inchCHUG120-NCT9351482000165
Nuclear Coral Trout / 6 inchCHUG150-NCT9351482008949
Nuclear Coral Trout / 7 inchCHUG180-NCT9351482004774
Orange Mackerel / 7 inchCHUG180-OM9351482009014
Phantom / 4 3/4 inchCHUG120-PHT9351482000189
Pink Mackerel / 7 inchCHUG180-PM9351482000356
Sardine / 4 3/4 inchCHUG120-SAR9351482000202
Sardine / 6 inchCHUG150-SAR9351482008970
Sardine / 7 inchCHUG180-SAR9351482004798
Silver Green Mackerel / 4 3/4 inchCHUG120-SGM9351482011376
Silver Green Mackerel / 6 inchCHUG150-SGM9351482008987
Silver Green Mackerel / 7 inchCHUG180-SGM9351482009021
Spanish Mackerel / 4 3/4 inchCHUG120-SM9351482000226
Spanish Mackerel / 7 inchCHUG180-SM9351482000363
White Glow / 4 3/4 inchCHUG120-WTG9351482011383
White Glow / 6 inchCHUG150-WTG9351482011444