Owner Mosquito Light Finesse Hook

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$ 1.86
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Owner might just have the perfect hook for dropshotting. The Owner Mosquito Light Hook is an ultra-light fine wire hook with a bent down eye that allows the hook to come off the line at an angle that exposes the hook point for perfect hooksets. Additionally, an incredibly sharp point and large-radius round bend allow faster and deeper penetration, and a super hard black chrome finish ensures maximum durability. A great choice for drop shots and small live baits, they are also great hooks for targeting trout, bluegill and crappie in addition to bass. Available in 7 different sizes to suit any fishing condition.


  • The Owner Mosquito Light Hook is designed for ultra-light fishing conditions.
  • Ideal for rigging finesse type baits and small live baits.
  • Owner's Super Needle Points guarantee a long-lasting performance.
  • Super hard black chrome finish for maximum durability.
  • Available in 7 sizes.
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