P-Line Kick'R Minnow 5"

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Length Quantity
4" (10.6 cm) 6 Pack
5" (12.7 cm) 5 Pack
6" (15.24 cm) 4 Pack
The P-Line Kick'R Minnow is one of the most versatile soft plastic, scented, hand poured, minnow style baits to come along in many years. Because the Kick'R Minnow is soft it can be fished at extremely slow speeds while maintaining its great action.  The slender body is the perfect design for A-Rig applications.  But the Kick'R is more than just a school bait.  The larger version fished with a keel style wide gap hook has proven deadly on both largemouth and smallies.  When fished on a jig head, this bait will destroy striped bass, tuna, redfish and bottom fish.
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