Plano Double-Sided Pocket Pak Small Tackle Organizer 3213

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$ 7.39
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Excellent for casual beach, bank, and shore angler's, this Plano Double-Sided Pocket Pak is gray and metallic blue and has 13 compartments for small lures and tackle. It fits with ease into larger storage items made by Plano and is highly durable. Fits in jacket or cargo pockets with ease and is great for storing lures, hooks, weights, sinkers, and swivels.

*Note: Any baits, line, lures, tools, and tackle seen in images for this product are for demonstration only and are NOT included with purchase.*

Dimensions: 7 inches x 4.13 inches x 1.88 inches


  • Ideal for casual shoreline fishing because of its small size and highly accessible design.
  • 13 compartments to hold lures, hooks, weights, hasps, sinkers, and swivels.
  • Nicely colored metallic gray and blue Pocket Pak is durable and easy to carry.
  • Small-tackle Pak fits easily into other Plano storage boxes.
  • Quality Plano plastic molding.
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