Rapala X-Rap 12 Medium Diving Jerkbait

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X-Rap is all about the action, and the Rapala X-Rap 12 Medium Diving Jerkbait is a complete package that combines appearance and action to create the perfect jerkbait. It features a stainless steel through-wire construction with a flash feather teaser tail. As well as a textured translucent body with a colored core available in various patterns and matching 3D holographic eyes for a more natural presentation. Top it all off with an internal long-casting system and you've got water-covering, fish-catching machine. Equipped with Premium VMC Black Nickel Hooks, it turns bites to sure catch. Get Rapala X-Rap 12 Medium Diving Jerkbait and rock that X-Rap attitude.


  • The Rapala X-Rap 12 Shallow Diving Jerkbait is a versatile jerkbait that exhibits the classic X-Rap "Slashbait Action."
  • This 4 3/4-inch bait has a stainless steel thru-wire construction and flash feather teaser tail.
  • It has a textured body and internal holographic foil.
  • It is equipped with two #2 Premium VMC Black Nickel Hooks.
  • Dives 4 to 8 feet and is available in 11 color patterns.
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