Reaction Innovations Smallie Beaver Soft Plastic Creature Bait 10 pack

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Perfect for anglers looking to downsize from the bigger Sweet Beaver Creature Bait, the Smallie Beaver is just as efficient and as loved in the bass fishing community. It is ideal for freshwater fishing and can be rigged in many ways and it can also be used for different applications. It comes in a variety of colors which are almost guaranteed to attract any nearby fish. It's body's design features ribbing at the sides to create vibrations underwater while its twin tails push water and create the movement. Its size and design perfectly mimics smaller bait like craws and goby. Available in packs of 10 with over 20 colors to choose from.


  • The Reaction Innovations Smallie Beaver is a 3 1/2 inch soft plastic creature bait a smaller beaver style bait that can be used for fresh water fishing.
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors that are sure to catch any fish's eye.
  • Unique design and small, compact profile create movement that imitate smaller baitfish and craws.
  • Ribbed sides on body create vibration in the water while twin tails push water so it glides across smoothly and naturally.
  • Can be rigged in a variety of ways and can be used for different applications.
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Proposition 65
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