Reaction Strike Fathead Jr. 5 inch Paddle Tail Soft Body Swimbait

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The Reaction Strike Fathead Jr. is a split-bodied, tube style paddle tail bait made from incredibly soft but strong plastic. The patterns are painted underneath a layer of soft plastic. The Fathead Jr. is a joint design effort between Reaction Strike engineers and several of the top Pro Bass Fisherman in North America. The Reaction Strike Fathead Jr. is without a doubt the most versatile, realistic bass catching lure ever developed. This lure was designed so that fisherman can rig it in as many ways as you would a traditional tube lure. Rig the Reaction Strike Fathead Jr. so it is weedless and shallow, or rig it medium to deep running with a weighted hook or even wacky rig it to imitate a dying baitfish. Discover how fishing with the Fathead Jr. and its unique hollow core design that allows for excellent hook sets will increase your hook-up percentage vs. traditional swim jigs with plain solid shad bodies. Tie one on today and say hello to the biggest bass in your lake!


  • The Reaction Strike Fathead Jr Swimbait is a collaboration between Reaction Strike and several Pro Bass Fisherman in North America.
  • Split-bodied, tube style paddle tail bait.
  • Can be rigged like traditional tube lures.
  • Rig it weedless or wacky.
  • Hollow core design increases hooking ratio.
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