Reaction Strike XPD 90 3 1/2 inch Medium Diving Crankbait

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The Reaction Strike XPD 90 is a medium diving, 3 1/2 inch hi-tech crankbait by Reaction Strike for the ultimate in fishing performance. Their initial goal was to develop a new crankbait to use in high fishing pressure spots, where the bass know well the sound and motion of standard hard plastic baits. Tested and developed after several months of testing and tweaking by the Reaction Strike Pro Staff, this lure is an authentic bass machine. The ultra-detailed body and the 3D taxidermy eyes give it full realism in clear and muddy waters. The body is made out of a customized hard plastic called ''Ever Life'' that gives the lure a better rattling effect when the lure crosses rocks and other structure. Its action in the water is not a conventional crankbait action. At low and high speed retrieves it has an erratic tail motion. The internal transfer weights allow the fisherman to increase the cast distance and casting precision. The original paint schemes produce a fantastic underwater flash. At a stop, the bait will get smoked because it looks exactly like the food bass eat. VMC chemically sharp treble hooks are the best choice for putting more fish in the boat and their hooking and holding percentage is great with subtle biters.


  • The Reaction Strike XPD 90 is a crankbait designed to be fished in high pressure spots where bass know standard plastic baits too well.
  • Body is made of custom "Ever Life" plastic.
  • Well-detailed body and 3D taxidermy eyes.
  • Equipped with VMC hooks and an internal weight transfer system.
  • Available in 5 colors.
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# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Ghost Natural ShadXPD-90-GNS
Metallic Largemouth BassXPD-90-MLB
Yellow PerchXPD-90-YP