River2Sea Biffle Junkyard Jig

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3/8oz. River2Sea TM Short Shank X Strong 4/0
1/2 oz. River2Sea TM Short Shank X Strong 5/0
3/4 oz. River2Sea TM Short Shank X Strong 5/0

The River2Sea Junkyard Jig was designed by professional bass fisherman Tommy Biffle and is a true structure and cover style jig that can be fished through anything. Big bass tend to bury themselves deep in cover where they can only be reached with the combination of a well built jig and a confident angler. The Junkyard jig is designed to easily penetrate through wood, grass and reeds positioning itself for a face to face meeting with the bass inside. The jigs ability to navigate through obstructions is largely due to its bullet style head which seemingly finds its way through every little crack and crevice without getting hung up. Another neat feature of the Biffle Junkyard Jig is its standup action caused by the weighting of the jig head. The jig will present itself much like a defensive crawfish or feeding bluegill.

Anyone who follows bass fishing is aware that Tommy Biffle knows flipping and certainly knows jigs. River2Sea turned to his experience to design this jig with every aspect he desired. In addition to the jig head itself, Biffle saw fit to add loud dual rattles to to increase the jigs attraction and gain more attention from bass when visibility may be poor. Furthermore, River2Sea built the Junkyard Gig with a super strong, short shank hook that will absolutely smoke any fish that dare to strike.

Skirt colors and strand consistency are excellent, featuring the most popular combinations of colors best suited for flipping with the ideal amount of strands so they don't smother the jigs hook and trailer. It's unclear how River2Sea accomplished this, but the Junkyard jigs skirts really flap and flair even when at rest.

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Proposition 65
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# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Bama Bug / 3/8 oz.TB-JY3/8/03
Bama Bug / 1/2 oz.TB-JY1/2/030880469818527
Bama Bug / 3/4 oz.TB-JY3/4/03880469818442
Black & Blue / 3/8 oz.TB-JY3/8/05
Black & Blue / 1/2 oz.TB-JY1/2/05
Black & Blue / 3/4 oz.TB-JY3/4/0580469818466
Black Blue Flash / 3/8 oz.TB-JY3/8/010880469818428
Black Blue Flash / 1/2 oz.TB-JY1/2/010880469818503
Black Blue Flash / 3/4 oz.TB-JY3/4/0180469818428
Grass Craw / 3/8 oz.TB-JY3/8/080880469818411
Grass Craw / 1/2 oz.TB-JY1/2/080880469818572
Grass Craw / 3/4 oz.TB-JY3/4/08880469818497
Green Pumpkin / 3/8 oz.TB-JY3/8/07
Green Pumpkin / 1/2 oz.TB-JY1/2/070880469818565
Green Pumpkin / 3/4 oz.TB-JY3/4/0780469818480
Mud Bug / 3/8 oz.TB-JY3/8/04
Mud Bug / 1/2 oz.TB-JY1/2/040880469818534
Mud Bug / 3/4 oz.TB-JY3/4/0480469818459
Rootbeer / 1/2 oz.TB-JY1/2/060880469818558
Rootbeer / 3/4 oz.TB-JY3/4/0680469818473
Rootbeer Chartreuse / 3/8 oz.TB-JY3/8/06
Yellow Jacket / 3/8 oz.TB-JY3/8/02
Yellow Jacket / 1/2 oz.TB-JY1/2/020880469818510
Yellow Jacket / 3/4 oz.TB-JY3/4/02880469818435