River2Sea Bubble Walker 128

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In Stock - Ready to Ship
 Length Weight Style
5" (12.7 cm) 1 1/4 oz (35 g) Topwater
Don't let the beauty confuse you, the River2Sea Bubble Walker is a walking bait with a concave mouth to leave a bubble trail and tungsten rattles to attract the big ones where three premium trebles will grab them. Given the chance she will sashay her way into your tackle box; Bubble Walker will lure them in, and knock them dead.


  • The River2Sea Bubble Walker is a floating topwater bait that can walk as well as pop.
  • Bubble Walker 128 has a feathered rear treble hook for extra natural surface action.
  • The Bubble Walker 128 is 5 inches (12.7 cm) long, and weighs in at 1.25 oz (35 g).  It is armed with three Daiichi Treble hooks in #2, #4 and #2 configuration.
  • River2Sea Bubble Poppers are great for fishing heavily weeded areas where the bass lurk below.  The popping, spitting and walking will draw the fish to you.
  • Try to mix things up, slowly walk it along the surface, leaving a trail of bubbles, stop and then pop, wait and repeat--you'll be rewarded with some epic strikes.
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