River2Sea Bully Wa 2 65 Frog

$ 10.99


See our other listing for additional size listed below:

River2Sea Length Weight Style
Bully Wa 55 2 1/4" 7/16 oz. Topwater
Bully Wa 65 2 5/8" 5/8 oz. Topwater
In many cultures the frog is a revered animal, and our frogs from the Bully Wa family aren't any different; only these frogs demand respect. The River2Sea Bully Wa is perfect for fishing on top of matted weeds, but our unique keel shaped design makes this frogs walk over open water like no other. All are equipped with a Gamakatsu EWG 4/0 Double Hook. TheRiver2Sea Bully Wa will "bully" the predators in your lake into striking in various conditions.
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