River2Sea S-Waver 200 Swimbait

$ 45.99

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S-Waver Length Weight Dive Depth Sink Rate
120 4-3/4" (120 mm) 13/16 oz (23 g) 0-1 Sinking
168 6-3/4" (168 mm) 1-5/8 oz (46 g) 0-1 Sinking
200 8" (203 mm) 3 1/2 oz (99 g) 0-1 Sinking

Swimbaits continue to leave a major footprint on the fishing industry, and River2Sea's S-Waver is set to make its mark. Featuring a natural "S-Action" swimming motion, River2Sea's S-Waver will seductively wake the surface and call big gamefish in for a closer look. Hold your rod tip up and the River2Sea S-Waver is a surface lure, allow the bait to slowly sink and the S-Waver continues under water. The S-Action swimming motion is created by River2Sea's exclusive Pin and Tenon Hinge and accentuated by her soft PVC tail. That seductive wake will only be interrupted by the explosion of a massive strike.

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